Pediatric Therapy

Our Pediatric Therapy Program offers pediatric physical therapy for ALTA Regional center, Elk Grove Unified School District, and Sacramento City School District. We provide services on the school site, in homes or in the clinic. In addition, we do accept insurance or private pay clients.

We currently primarily work with students and children with special needs from the ages of 0-22 years old. We also work with the student athletic population. We are looking to bring both sides of our knowledge of pediatrics and orthopedics together to help with decreasing injury, but most of all injury prevention. Both owners, Kristy Milanese and Carrie Wolfe are not only Collegiate athletes but both play football for the Sacramento Sirens. They are educated in injury prevention but personally understand the risk and demands of sports. They have a mission, to work in the community for school based and recreational young athletes. What they have realized is that it begins with education for the youth and families. For further information please contact us.

There are a number of pediatric diagnoses that can benefit from the services of our highly trained pediatric physical therapists.

Pediatric physical therapy is a specialized area of rehabilitation care that deals with both congenital (conditions children or born with) and non-congenital diagnoses.

Here is a partial list of the conditions that we have experience treating:

  • Brachial Plexus Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental Delays
  • Dysfunction Of Sensory Integration
  • Orthopedic Conditions
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Scoliosis
  • Torticollis

Holistic Approach to Rehabilitation

Initially, our pediatric specialists thoroughly evaluate, listen and work with you, your child, and referring physician to determine the most important goals for your child.

Working as a team is truly essential to your child’s success. Weekly sessions involving you and your child coupled with individualized instruction on activities that will help your child reach their full potential and specific treatment goals.

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