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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Defined

The needs of our patients are individualistic and can also be complex. Laguna Physical Therapy aims to give a 360-degree, holistic view of each patient; ensuring they receive the highest quality of care.

Our Occupational Therapist’s goal is to ensure our patients have the ability to do anything that “occupies” his or her time. Said simply, any task that needs to be done throughout the day is something that we focus on. Examples include opening a door, getting in and out of your car, making a meal, or reaching for something on a high shelf. Each of our patients deserve to live the healthiest of lives and our occupational therapists strive to ensure the tasks of getting through each day are manageable.

The Occupational Advantage

Having a phenomenal occupational therapist on staff is extremely important because it provides a level of optionality that provides an environment for each patient to successfully heal.