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Pediatric Services

Decades of Experience

As the first pediatric clinic in Elk Grove, Laguna Physical Therapy has decades of experience working with patients under the age of 18. This institutional knowledge gives us a distinct advantage as we understand both the technical care these patients need and deserve, as well as the energy and customer service care to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Family Centric Care

For a typical pediatric patient, it is rarely just about the patient. We understand there could be a variety of people involve with the young person’s life and we pride ourselves on ensuring this ‘family’ is looped in. This could be parents, guardians, doctors, coaches, teachers, or anyone else that has a vested interest in the patient (all while remaining HIPAA compliant of course). Our therapists do their best to ensure the plan of care is effectively communicated to the appropriate people and that our team rallies behind the patient to provide encouragement and guidance throughout the healing process.